FlORENCE, 2023

Vernissage of Rita Parshukova's exhibition at Casa di Dante in Florence

istanbul, 2018

Orientalism and Turquerie from
a Francophonic view

İstanbul, 2017

Pierre Loti and Silhouttes before the II. Constitution

Florence, 2015

Zonaro Exhibition at Palazzo

İzmir, 2012

This side of the Aegean from Westerner’s brush at Arkas Gallery

Abu Dhabi, 2006

From the Ottoman Court Collection

İstanbul, 2006

Italian Orientalists in Ottoman Lands

İstanbul, 2005

Leonardo de Mango Exhibition

barı, 2005

Dalla Puglia a Istanbul Leonardo de Mango

Roma, 2004

Dalla Laguna Veneta alle Rive del Bosforo
Fausto Zonaro

İstanbul, 2004

Doğumunun 150. Yılında Osmanlı Saray Ressamı Fausto Zonaro

İstanbul, 2003

Osmanlı Saray Ressamı Fausto Zonaro
Retrospektif Sergisi