2023- With my daughter Anthea in Rome
Vernissage of Rita Parshukova at Casa di Dante Florence on 4th of July 2023
2023- Museo Villa Poggio Reale Rufina (FI) with Marco Romoli in front of Mario Romoli's (1908-1978) "La Barca Gesu sul lago di Tiberiade 1974
2022 - With CEO of Fiorentina Joe Barone visiting club camp.
2021- With my great friend Mert Kaya
2021- Istanbul - Receiving the FICAC (Int. Fed. Of Hon. Consuls) Golden Medallion from Hon. Aykut Eken, President of FICAC
2021- Receiving “Award of Excellence” from Aykut Eken, President of Gusi Foundation
2019 - At the Gusi Peace Prize cocktail in Manila with Mahruki, Eken, Küntay families. Laurate Margarita in her national dress
2018 - My daughter Antea with Ara Güler at Saray Muhallebicisi in Nişantaşı
2018 - At the Istanbul Art Biennale with Margarita and Japanese artists
2016 - Ceremony at Pera Palas Hotel, with Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan for the long term lease of the portrait of Georges Nagelmackers, founder of the Orient-Express, from the brush of Th.van Rysellberge
2016 - At Arsuz with mother Elena, Nenette, Edino and Margarita
2013 - At Margarita’s exhibition, with photography artist Mehmet Günyeli and Margarita
2013 - At Athens Yacht Club with our old business partner George Besi
2013 - In Athens with the renowned Olympic Peace supporter Georges Dritzas and Anthony Toprakçıoğlu
2013 - Mother’s, Maria Elena Girardi Makzume’s 90’th birthday celebrated with the family at Çırağan Palace
2013 - At Yeniköy with painter Gencay Kasapçı and Margarita
2012 - With my daughter Anthea at our Mersin residence
2011 - With Commander in Chief of the Turkish Navy Admiral Metin Ataç and Hatay nobility at the opening of the Naval Museum in Iskenderun
2011 - Receiving a plate from Admiral Metin Ataç, at the opening of the Iskenderun Naval Museum
2009 - With close friend writer-poet Özdemir İnce, having a drink in Bodrum
2008 - Istanbul - At Topkapı Palace with Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı, then director of the Palace
2008 - In Abu Dhabi, with Turkish Ambassador Selim Karaosmanoğlu and Emre Aracı for the opening of the exhibition “Dolmabahçe Palace’s 150th Anniversary
2008 - At the entrance of Topkapı Palace with the Kanoo Family and Prof. Ortaylı
2007 - With the Kanoo Family at Dolmabahçe Palace. On the left Huda Kanoo, President of Admaf Abu Dhabi
2007 - Having breakfast with Huda Kanoo, President of ADMAF Abu Dhabi at the Topkapı Four Seasons Hotel
2006 - At the Italian Cultural Institute receiving the Italian Cavaliere Order, from Consul General Massimo Rustico, on behalf of Italian President Ciampi
2006 - With my dearest friend François Vuccino at a gathering
2006 - At the investiture ceremony with Mother Elena and Sezen Cumhur Önal
2006 Istanbul - Ceremony of investiture at the Italian Cultural Institute when receiving the Cavaliere Order “Stella della Solidarieta” with Italian Consul General Massimo Rustico, Korcan Karar and Sezen Cumhur Önal
2006 - With my IC school mate Said Baarma in Abu Dhabi.
2005 - With renowned painter Omiros Hriso and his wife at their New Jersey home
2004 - At a meeting with Pres. of Turkish Palaces Dr. Cemal Öztaş at his office at Dolmabahçe Palace discussing preparations of the Zonaro Exhibition
2004 İstanbul - With Ottoman Princes Osman Ertuğrul and Osman Efendiler, Amb. Carlo Marsili, Prof. Fulvio Marchetti, Prof. Ilber Ortaylı at the vernissage of of Zonaro Exhibition. Dolmabahçe Palace
2003 - At the vernissage of the Zonaro Exhibition at Kazım Taşkent Gallery of YKY with Jolanda Trevigne, Prof. Fulvio Marchetti and Cesare Trevigne
2003 - With my ex-wife Gabrielle in Mersin
1999 - First visit to the Zonaro house in Florence with writer Osman Öndeş
1997? Mersin Naval Award Ceremony, receiving certificate from Admiral Güven Erkaya
1994 - Family members having dinner at Villa Makzume Iskenderun.
1993 - With my lovely daughter Anthea at the beach
1993 - With my mother and daughter Anthea.
1993 - With my mother and daughter Anthea.
1992 - Izmir with Izmir Deniz Kontuarı partners Alex Dabcovich, George Besi, Manager of Sardis and our unforgettable office managers Fernando Romano, Fredini Braggiotti, and M. Perpignani at Deniz Lokantası
1992 - Izmir with George Besi and Alex Dabcovich
1990 - Feeding my newly born lovely daughter Anthea at the summer flat restaurant in Mersin.
1990 - Feeding my newly born lovely daughter Anthea at the summer flat restaurant in Mersin.
1988? - With my much missed Mom in Iskenderun.
1988? - With my much missed Mom in Iskenderun.
1987 - Mersin Maritime Chamber meeting, with Hanri Atat (delivering speech), Alber Botros and Remon Kumdereli (all 4 controlling over 80% of Mersin port activities)